February 10, 2016
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He’s coming for the kids! He’s coming for the kids!

Posted 9/9/09

To the parents that kept their children out of school on Sept. 8 because they feared the president, also known to some as a brainwashing alien bent on world destruction, would indoctrinate their children with socialist, communist messages, I have a serious question for you?


Honestly, I am tempted to play the race card here, as I have in the past out of the sheer comedy that I feel being a white male playing that card, but I won’t. Instead, I just have some points about this latest hogwash that has arisen out of a non-issue.

Let’s start with this quote:

“… We also find that more countries than ever before are following America's revolutionary economic message of free enterprise, low taxes, and open world trade. These days, whenever I see foreign leaders, they tell me about their plans for reducing taxes, and other economic reforms that they are using, copying what we have done here in our country.”

That wasn’t Obama, of course. That was a former president that, like Obama, much of America was in love with – the late Ronald Reagan – in his address to students. And I would guess he was boring them to death.

I don’t know how Obama encouraging kids to work hard and study is more of an indoctrination than schooling teenagers on taxes, free trade and the economy, especially when these students were probably much more anxious to know what President Reagan thought about the hair metal craze sweeping the nation.

But for some reason, Obama’s speech was evil.

Here’s a quote from number 44:

"You can’t drop out of school and just drop into a good job. You’ve got to work for it and train for it and learn for it."


Of course, Obama’s message, which was basically the same thing that any ad council commercial spouts, was met with skepticism. And like Reagan, I’m sure the students were bored and uninterested (everyone would have been had it not been for the anti-Obama crowd whipping up a frenzy).

In fact, two school districts in Oakland County – Rochester and Oxford – refused to air the speech due to pressure from parents.

I expect those same districts are also returning the socialist stimulus money they received (about $5 million to Rochester, about $1.8 million to Oxford) this year.

We wouldn’t want to be hypocritical now, would we?

Come on people. This is getting ridiculous. If any living president walked into my house or office at any time, and wanted to talk to me, I would listen, and be thrilled. Whether it’s Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Carter, I would respect them, even though I may have said some very harsh things about some of them (especially Bush II).

But to keep kids out of school on the first day, especially in Michigan, where our state government has already proven not to care much about education, is just dumb.

And those parents that did, I bet some of your children have already been dangerously indoctrinated.

By you.

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