Hospital fundraiser gets groovy


STANDISH — Closet and former hippies, the time to don bellbottoms and tie-dyed shirts, without worrying about sideway glances from others, is May 1 at the St. Mary’s of Michigan Standish Hospital (SMMSH) Development Fund’s 60’s Feeling Groovy party.

SMMSH Community Relations Manager Holly Bender says the annual fundraiser, which has been running for over 20 years, is beneficial in continually developing the hospital.

“It raises money for the hospital for future renovations,” she said. “We usually raise around, and it varies on the number of tickets we sell, around $8-$10,000.”

Tickets for the party are $100, Bender says.

“That includes admission for two, dinner for two, complimentary drinks, $10 in Vegas party token and a chance to win one of three big cash prizes,” she said, adding every ticket gives guests a chance to have their names pulled from a raffle drum. “Every 25th ticket pulled from the drum will also win a prize.

“The last ticket pulled from the drum for the raffle drawing is $2,500.”

Prizes of $1,000 and $500 will also be given away to the second and third to last tickets in the drum, respectively.

But the raffle drum isn’t the only way to win at the party dedicated to an era of peace signs and Woodstock. Bender says guests can also play blackjack, a big six wheel and roulette during the night.

Before hitting the game tables, though, ticket holders can enjoy a meal catered by Jim Martini, of Pinconning.

“We have roasted turkey, Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, assorted salads and mixed berry shortcake for dessert,” Bender said.

Guests don’t have to dress in 60’s apparel, but Bender did say that there will be a costume contest during the party.

For more information on reliving the swingin’ sixties, call 989-846-3446.


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