February 11, 2016

It's time for a new judge

Posted 9/18/08


Shame on the State of Michigan’s voting system. What a disgrace that officials do not know their own laws. If they are appointed they should be replaced by people who are interested enough to learn these laws and see that they are updated. If they are voted in, then let’s vote them out.

Next, I think we have a problem with the two men who are currently serving as judges in 23rd Circuit Court. If they don’t want to take the time to campaign, maybe we shouldn’t take the time to vote for them.

If these two judges knew the laws even though the State didn’t, and never told Mr. Martin, it looks to me there is an “ETHICS” problem in their lives and our court system.

As a matter of fact, if Mr. Martin runs as a write-in candidate, I suggest we vote only for him. That takes a vote from one of the others and will, in turn, make two votes for Mr. Martin.

I feel it’s time to put HONOR back into the job of “Your Honor.” I know I’ll be voting for Mr. Martin only.

Johanne Grabow

East Tawas

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