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It’s time to talk the Detroit Lions


Yes my beloved readers, it’s time to have a frank discussion about the NFL’s laughing stock, punching bag and favorite Honolulu Blue and Silver butt of the joke, the Detroit football Lions.

First of all, we have to put last year behind us. I once had a football coach in high school who liberally used the phrase “Last year was last year; this year is this year.”

Well, duh, but still, the phrase should resonate with all Lions fans this year.

The team, and I’m not joking, will be much, much, MUCH improved this year.

Well, duh, anything’s better than zero wins.

Okay naysayers, I know the Lions were the worst team in NFL history last year and I know expectations shouldn’t be set high, as this team has another new coach and plenty of young guys and rookies expected to contribute.

But still, with Millen, Marinelli, Paris Lenon, Jon Kitna and others far away (they can’t hurt us anymore!), a new corps of linebackers and other fresh faces on defense, I can’t help but feel like this team could be pushing .500 ball.

Noticed I used the word “could.” I’m leaving myself plenty of wiggle room in case I have to bail out a few weeks into the season – especially since there have not been major improvements made to the offensive or defensive line.

But offensively, I’m expecting big things. Whether Stafford or Culpepper starts this year, the ability to get the ball to Megatron and his band of merry men split out wide should be a lot more efficient. Plus, one has to feel good about the future, as it seems Jim Schwartz and the other members of the Lions’ staff seem to actually care about bringing our number one pick along the right away, rather than having no plan or strategy.

We can also expect RB Kevin Smith to hit the ground running again this year.

One also has to think some of the returners on both the offensive and defensive lines, although as I mentioned above I’m not really satisfied, will have more to offer this year with a three-man LB squad that can legitimately shut down running backs, and the line should be able to work with established running threats and a respectable passing games.

And, for one more point on why the team will be better, Jim Schwartz has to be a good coach.

The law of statistics says so.

Okay, I admit, I really don’t know the law of statistics, or if there even is one, but if there is, with the Lions bad run at head coach, it seems like sooner or later someone would stumble in who can actually get the job done.

And the time for that coach is now. Schwartz can, make that WILL, get the job done.

Now, maybe the team won’t be great this year. I doubt they’ll make the playoffs, but this really could be the year we see a silver lining that doesn’t fade.

Lions fans, our time is approaching. And I can’t wait.

DISCLAIMER: The author reserves the right and privilege to completely flip-flop and change his mind in case the team looks dismal again this year.


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