Jury date set for fentanyl delivery case


STANDISH — No plea agreement was reached during a Feb. 12 settlement conference in circuit court between the prosecution and Michele Compau, an Au Gres woman alleged to have delivered fentanyl to a man who allegedly died of a drug overdose, and a date for a jury trial has been set.

According to information from 23rd Circuit Court, the trial is tentatively scheduled to begin March 13 at 9:30 a.m. The court is requesting that final witness lists from the prosecution and defense be submitted by March 5. Preliminary lists were filed Dec. 20, but can change up until the March 5 deadline.

Compau, 53, is alleged to have delivered fentanyl — a pain killer used to ease chronic pain that is sometimes used a heroin substitute — to a 26-year-old Au Gres man in June 2013. The individual who allegedly received the fentanyl reportedly died of a drug overdose.

Compau has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance that caused death. Her attorney, Duane Hadley, told Circuit Court Judge William Myles during a December pretrial that the defense planned to contact a pharmacologist to testify on Compau’s behalf as an expert witness.


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