Jury trial date for Kimball postponed


STANDISH — The originally scheduled March 25-26 jury trial dates for the public utility fraud case against Dr. Jeffrey Kimball have been postponed at least until the end of April.

Kimball, a Standish chiropractor, has been charged with public utility fraud more than $500 for allegedly preventing the city of Standish’s water meter at his home from properly registering the quantity of water used there. A March 5 pretrial in 23rd Circuit Court was adjourned until April 23.

Arenac County Prosecutor Curt Broughton said the investigating officer in the case, Standish City Police Chief Mark Christian, would not be available for the trial if it was held March 25-26.

Circuit Court Judge Ronald Bergeron said April 23, scheduled to be a motion day in the court, would be the final day he would accept an agreement between the prosecution and defense.

“The conclusion of my motion day that day will be the last opportunity in the world for a resolution in the case short of a trial,” he said.

Kimball’s attorney, Marcus Garske, of Bay City, requested that Bergeron approve a motion to remand the matter back to district court, but the motion was denied.

“I find too often that that’s just a stall tactic,” Bergeron said.

Public utility fraudulent use over $500 is a felony punishable by a maximum sentence of four years in jail or $5,000.


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