January 21, 2019

Lady Cards grounded in NEMC play


TAWAS — Whittemore-Prescott (W-P) traveled to Tawas Area Wednesday night for a match-up of doormat Northeast Michigan Conference teams who both desperately needed a win as they look to make a run at the conference with just about a month left in the season.

Unfortunately for W-P, they had to play without one of their key contributors and the team never quite gelled as they were beat handily in four games (17-25, 25-18, 9-25, 14-25).

“What a disappointing and frustrating match,” Coach Helen Loomis said. “Their play was flat and non-aggressive.”

“The girls played like they were tired and having Chloe Moraitis out with a knee injury didn’t help us either.”

Loomis alluded to the fact that game two was the only bright spot as their play was “somewhat consistent.”

“We know we have the ability, but it just wasn’t there tonight,” said Loomis.

W-P (1-5, 5-10-1) hosts Standish-Sterling Central Wednesday Oct. 8.

W-P stats: Cortney Bork – 9 points, 1 ace, 1 block-kill, 9 digs; Kayla Camp – 5 assists; Corinne Crawford – 10 digs; Alyssa Gielda – 2 spike-kills; Chelsea Jasman – 13 points, 1 ace, 1 block-kill, 10 digs, 4 spike-kills; Leighanna Loomis – 12 digs, 4 spike-kills; Larrissa McGeathy – 2 block-kills, 5 spike-kills; Brittnie Winkle – 7 points, 1 ace.


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