Last meal: Prison contract as county jail meal provider ends Oct. 24


ARENAC COUNTY — The Standish Maximum Correctional Facility has been providing the Arenac County Jail with a money-saving option for inmate meals, but the inexpensive provider will serve its last meal at the county jail on Oct. 24, one week before the prison in scheduled to close.

Sheriff James Mosciski said he’s received quotes from other meal providers, but no selection has been made yet.

“I’ve got quotes from a canteen service, I’ve got quotes from MediLodge in Sterling,” he said. “The commissioners are going to have to make a decision as to what way we’re going to go by the second week of October.”

According to Mosciski, if a canteen service is selected, kitchen equipment for the jail that is currently in storage will have to be moved back into the jail, which he said could take a generous amount of time and effort, so he would like a decision to be made well in advance of Oct. 24.

Board Chairman Raymond Daniels said that another option is to open the kitchen at the jail back up and staff it, but he said that is the least likely choice.

“That scenario’s last,” he said. “It seems to be the most expensive route.”

Mosciski said the cost per meal per inmate with the prison providing meals is about 66 cents. He said he doesn’t believe any quote from any other provider will be able to match that price.

“It’s going to be at least a couple of dollars a day (per inmate) more, I think,” Daniels added.

In other news with the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office, a contract between the sheriff’s office and the Saginaw-Chippewa Tribal Police has been reached.

Mosciski said the deal is basically the same as what was in place prior to his term as sheriff that began this year, except there is a hold-harmless clause for the county when it comes to attempted litigation against a Tribal police officer not acting on behalf of the sheriff’s office.

He said about 12 Tribal officers have already been officially deputized with the county.


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Think maybe someone should have tipped off the state about this when they were choosing the close date?

Friday, October 2, 2009 | Report this

True ... but that would have required thinking about the impact of the decision on Standish community and on Arenac County. Seems to be something the planners have not been too worried about.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 | Report this

I am a correctional officer at Standish Prison. I wish not only the community in Standish but the whole state residents could be informed properly how the Govenor and the Michigan Department of Corrections are able to close all of these prisons so quickly. The MDOC is saying there is not a demand for so many max (level 5) beds now. Also they are stating the prison population is down and the recidivism rate is down. They are able to say that and show that on paper because they are paroling out so many inmates. When the parolee violates his/her parole, the agent violates the parolee, but when it is recommended at a higher level to send the parolee back to prison it is denied. What this is doing is transferring the cost to the counties. As for the low demand for max beds, all they did is rescreen our level 5 inmates to level 4 or lower and transfer them out to other prisons. What this has done is caused alot of problems at the level 4 prisons. Since June when they have announced the clousure of the camps and prisons they were closing, there have been numerous incidents at four level 4 prisons throught the state. Inmates are in fights more often, inmates are testing the authority of correctional staff more, inmates are upset because of overcrowding, many more inmate weapons are being found, inmates are congergating more and refusing to lock up when ordered to,this has resulted in warning shots being fired to gain control and prevent a bigger disturbance. This is only a little of what is happening. As far as the parolees, tax payers are still paying for them when they parolee out into the community. It is just shown under a different state agencies budget. A parolee can commit some certain felonies on parole and not be sent back to prison. We have sex offenders living in public hotels, that taxpayers are paying for. One hotel in mind is the one in Bay City on Washington Ave. down by the bus station. As a citizen of Michigan, go on the State Police Sex Offender Search web site and see how many parloees that are sex offenders are living there. It is all public information. This is not the only one in the state. I am sure of that! Also all of the information you read about Michigan Prionser Reentry Initiative program is saying it is a success. They fail to tell the public that most of the crimes that have been commited by parolees, the parolee probably "sucessfully" completed MPRI. Look at the information that Sheriff Miller in Bay County said " out of the last 35 parolees that he knows of , 23 of them are sitting in jail". It goes to show that the costs are being pushed off to the counties. I know of an inmate that locked at Standish, he was transfered to a lower level to go through MPRI, on September 2nd,2009 he was parolled to Detroit/ Wayne County. By the middle of September he was back in jail in Bay County. He came a hour and a half north to commit a crime. Is MPRI actually a successful program. I would love to keep my job at Standish Max and not have to commute probably to one of the three facilities in St. Louis. All of us here at the prison are happy to see that most of the community is behind us. We need to keep it open as a state prison with Michigan inmates housed there. I think it will only be a matter of time and we will need more max beds in the state and Standish Max will be back open. Ultimitally the community needs to be informed of the danger that the Govenor and the MDOC are putting us in. You may want to call one of the MDOC's public spokesman and ask them about the true problems we are having in Michigans prisons. Their names are Mr. Russ Marlin and Mr. John Cordell. Eventually the counties are going to run out of money due to their jails being over crowded and they will have to start cutting positions in the county.

Monday, October 5, 2009 | Report this

I vote for "prisonworker1". We need educated people in office in Lansing.

It would really be nice to see Mike Moran stating for the record the prisons need to stay open for Michigan prisoners, not anyone who will fill a bed.

I think any vacant houses next to Mr. Russ Marlin and Mr. John Cordell and the elected officials who are closing these prisons, get rented out to all these convicts they are turning loose.

I will donate some $$$ for the rent.

Thursday, October 8, 2009 | Report this

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