Letter to the Editor - Rau

To the Arenac County Board of Commissioners


Please find a way to continue funding the 4H program in your budget. The young people of Arenac County have little to occupy themselves that is affordable, educational, wholesome and fun.

Our children and their friends belonged to 4H learning values and new skills and gaining confidence.

In addition to funding from Arenac County, countless volunteers participate as planners, educators, fundraisers, chaperones, etc. The community works together.

Please continue to carry on this positive experience for the children and youth of Arenac County.


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Makes absolutely no sense to cut even more programs for the children. What is next, taking food from the seniors or putting folks on the street. Come on has common sense disappeared from all the Boards in this community?

A person can walk around the court house offices and some employees are sitting around, perhaps gossiping, walking the halls, visiting, etc. Invest in time management and efficiency experts and see where departments can be downsized or made part time. The county does not exist to support unions that may protect such employees. Cut wasted time and wasted expenditures. Perhaps even the commissioners could become more efficient with fewer meetings and travel. If the business of the county became efficient and productive, the citizens might even support it to a greater extent.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Report this

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