Letter to the editor - Zdanowski


As much as I used to enjoy reading your weekly paper, I have grave concerns with your “News editor?”

Yeah Right!!!!

I cannot believe that someone with his lack of experience can question a governor’s decision to resign! It really is a shame that someone that just started shaving (maybe) can be so biased in a local family paper.

I suggest that Mr. Perlberg and his dad spank his behind and grow up, and tell him to get his facts straight… NOT PERSONAL OPINIONS!

Clarence Zdanowksi


Publisher's Note:

The letter writer is referring to a column written by the Independent's News Editor, Tim Barnum. The writer is correct in that it is an opinion and, as such, is biased. That's why it was printed as a column and not a news story and was placed on the editorial, or opinion page. Why the writer attacked Tim so personally is beyond us.


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While I disagree with the majority of Mr. Barnum's editorial, I defend his right to state his beliefs. Mr. Zdanowksi has written his letter with venom and a manner that is unwarranted. Mr. Barnum works at his trade with diligence and integrity. I appreciate the professionalism and effort that Mr. Barnum places in his work. No, I have never met the man and am not related to him, but that does not prevent me from respecting him and his work.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | Report this

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are out of work at the moment, and its barely newsworthy.

Sarah Palin quits her job and some people are hailing her as a hero.

Tim was just pointing out the obvious in the appropriate format.

Monday, July 27, 2009 | Report this

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