Letters to the editor - Jan. 6, 2009 - Issue 2

Lanes are in place for a reason Editor, I use US-23 quite frequently, as most probably do, and I was really excited when the state put in the “well marked” passing lanes. It only makes common sense right? When the highway opens up to two lanes in each direction the slower cars will stay to the right and the faster moving cars will be allowed to pass. At least that’s how I remember Mr. Smith teaching us in driver’s education. I am not sure what happened to that rule, but this scenario plays out before my eyes fairly frequently. I’ll be driving along with three or four cars in front of me then the road widens. The front slower stays to the right and one or two cars pass then the car in front of me decides to drive up next to the slower car as if to pass, only to drive along side by side. I don’t think they have rolled their windows down and are having a chat because they don’t look at each other. And there is no checkered flag at the end with a big trophy for the first two who tie…So please remember, slower traffic, please move to the right and don’t tie up the passing lane. Tim Dewald AuGres


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