Life with a Nutt


You may have recently seen a unique new byline in the paper — no, there is not a second Tiffany but there is another Nutt in Oscoda County. I recently married my love, Tyler Nutt, Aug. 27 and went from having one of the most common last names (Johnson) to an uncommon last name that invites various jokes involving sanity and body parts that some would view as inappropriate. As far as jokes go, I would like to say I have heard them all, but then someone, mainly my co-worker Scott Nunn — who is quite the saint in all other areas of course — whips up a new gag. I get a kick out of the jokes and have thought of a few of my own variations.
It is a cliche to say every girl dreams of her wedding day being the fairytale that never ends. After being married for about 3 1/2 weeks I am anything but a pro, but I have discovered some things to be true that people told me.
1. There will always be dirty dishes and each party will want the other person to wash them.
Another fact that might mark the importance of this: we don’t have an automatic dishwasher. Working through this somewhat tedious task of washing dishes by hand has made us rethink and challenge our service toward each other as husband and wife. I will say Tyler has washed his weight in dishes in the past few weeks.
2. The man-cold is real, and I do spend more than he does.
I hate spending money on things like fuel for the car, bills and other necessities like toilet paper, but I love spending money on well-designed items I find online, in thrift shops and just about anywhere — it’s a sickness really. Luckily I have been just about cured of this ailment with a healthy dose of discouragement from my hubby to buy unneeded things. As for the man-cold, there are articles on WebMD that argue men experience harsher symptoms of coughs and colds in comparison to women, who have higher estrogen levels causing more resilience to respiratory sicknesses. However, when entering fatigue, headache and sore throat into Google as symptoms, WebMD listed ailments from cancer to astigmatism. I’ll let you be the judge.
3. What we lack, we have in each other.
All joking aside, marriage is great. I have looked forward to it all my life and since I met Tyler, married him and am now living daily life with him, I am the better for it. He has qualities I run low in like being forgiving, teachable and sacrificial. I wouldn’t trade my nutty fairytale for anything — except maybe an automatic dishwasher.


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