Lions lay an egg and seem content about it


The Lions were pathetic this year.

In fact, if there is a word worse than pathetic — horrific, terrible, and expletive deleted, expletive deleted, expletive deleted — they were also that.

Now most teams, even other ones who are “expletive deleted,” can find a way to get a win. Maybe the better team has its third stringer in due to injuries and that player fumbles and some lucky loser recovers it at the end of the game, which was uncharacteristically close since a kicker missed five field goals, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that the Detroit Lions were so awful, not even the good fortune of an opponents’ mistake could earn them a win.

So where do we go now? Well as has been the case for the last eight or nine years, it’s time to start looking at the draft.

Every Lions fan knows that our former GM, Mr. Matt Millen, was about two for 56 when it came to drafting winners. Just look at the list of busts – Charles Rogers, Joey Harrington, Mike Williams, Roy Williams (yes, he is a bust when it comes to production for the Lions), Mike McMahon, Drew Stanton (don’t hold your breath if you’re counting on him as the QB of the future) and Jeff Backus (Millen’s first pick who has started every game since being drafted, I think, even though he is well known for holding, jumping offsides or just getting blown away by a defensive lineman). That’s a few. I’m not going to go into the Lions’ total disregard for late round drafting.

I mean you can’t get any good players in late rounds can you? It’s not like you could draft a three-time champion, MVP winning, record-breaking guy like Tom Brady in a late round, can you?

Not if you’re the Lions.

So will it be better without Millen? It can’t be worse, but that will all depend on whom our gracious owner, William Clay Ford, decides to bring aboard as GM, and hopefully as coach.

The Patriots GM is up for grabs. That would be nice, but of course there has been no news on this front, which means he won’t be coming to Detroit.

Bill Cowher, who could serve as GM or coach, is also up for grabs, but again, no talks. Lions will more than likely “drop the ball.”

Brian Billick, another Super Bowl winning coach is also on the market. I would love him to come aboard since he is hilarious in the Coors Light Commercials, but again, haven’t heard anything.

So after the worst season in NFL history, and during the worst season as well, the Lions haven’t made much news or contacted any big names. Way to go team.

I know the season is freshly over, but the Browns have already fired their coach and made it clear he was on the hot seat early on. By the way, they have also been rumored to be talking to the Pats’ GM Scott Pioli, and Bill Cowher.

That’s the difference between the Lions and an organization that actually cares about winning.

So in the next couple weeks, let’s hope we here some big news about the Lions. Whether it’s hiring or firing, we need something to happen.

My guess is we will hear next to nothing, but here’s hoping. See you at the draft.


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