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ARENAC COUNTY — Members of the Rifle River Wranglers 4-H Horse Club of Arenac County will present the ways they gave back to the community at their meeting Jan. 30.

Co-leader for the club Betty Joe Lyons said it’s important for the club to give back to a community that supports them.

“When we have a giveaway at the horse show, all the kids go out to businesses and take up donations,” she said. “People donate, whatever they can. I just want us to give back.”

Lyons said club members need to realize that the club should not only receive donations. They should also do something to benefit the community.

“Sometimes people take, and take, and take, and never give anything back,” she said. “If you take from your community you have to do something for your community.”

Lyons said she wanted her club members to learn how to develop good character and do something for other people.

At their meeting Jan. 30, the Rifle River Wranglers will reveal what they did to help their community.

Participants range from 7 to 17 and Lyons said she did not care what the children did, as long as they helped their community.

“I told the kids I don’t care if (they) are out walking the dog or if (they) go out caroling; I just want them to give back to their community,” she said. “I did not want them to say ‘OK, I will just go make a donation of $10.’ That does not work. Finding out what they did will be a surprise”

Lyons said club members had 30 days since their last meeting to come up with an idea and go out and complete it.

“I gave them some ideas I had, but I wanted them to figure out their own ideas,” she said. “Whatever they thought up was in their minds, not mine.”

Lyons said the club has been giving back for a number of years.

“This is not something that needs to be elaborate,” she said. “The kids just have to do something to benefit our community.”

The Rife River Rangers have 20 members, and the club holds four horse shows every year, with the first taking place May 1.


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