February 6, 2016

Manager, Treasurer fired

By Tim Barnum
Staff writer
STANDISH — Standish City Council officially terminated City Manager Tori Kelly and City Treasurer Melissa McAllister at a special meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 8 after the two had been suspended with pay since May 19.

The motions to fire Kelly and McAllister, who had been employed by the city since 2001 and 2002 respectively, came after a presentation by Labor and Employment Attorney Elizabeth Peters that lasted nearly four hours and uncovered a plethora of misconduct and several instances of criminal activity.
Peters said the two former city employees were both given the opportunity to appear at the special meeting to give their side of the story but both refused.

See all the details of Peters' presentation and City Council reactions in the Oct. 15 edition of "The Arenac County Independent."

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