Marvelous feats on display

Kevin Bunch
Lukas Herrick of Tawas rides around on a camel before the Kelly Miller Circus begins its 7:30 p.m. show Aug. 16.
Kevin Bunch
Max and Brooke Herrick of Tawas get to try their hands at riding an elephant at the circus.
Kevin Bunch
Clowns Steve and Ryan provide a moment of mirth with their trombone playing.
Kevin Bunch
Fridman Torales makes his way up a series of stacked chairs to pluck a balloon for his child assistant.
Kevin Bunch
Fridman Torales grasps the balloon at the top of the chair tower.
Kevin Bunch
Raul Olivares juggles multiple pins during his segment at the Kelly Miller Circus.
Kevin Bunch
Rebecca Ostroff hangs off a rope on her way to the trapeze.
Kevin Bunch
King Lamount shows off some of his skillful fire manipulation with a display of fire-breathing.
Kevin Bunch
Steve and Ryan clown around with their “A Visit to the Dentist” skit.
Kevin Bunch
Girard Portugal headstands on a moving trapeze at the Kelly Miller Circus.
Kevin Bunch
Girard Portual gets the trapeze rotating while performing a headstand.
Kevin Bunch
Armando Loyal and some of his assistants get some elephants to pose during the circus.
Kevin Bunch
Jorge Rosales balances a pole on his shoulders as his twin eight-year-old sons Jonathon and Jonary balance at the top.
Kevin Bunch
The circus performers come out for one final segment to celebrate the circus’ 75th anniversary.

The Kelly Miller Circus stopped in Au Gres at the city park Aug. 16, featuring a variety of skillful and death-defying feats, trained animals, and entertainers. Camel, pony and elephant rides were also offered up to visiting children before and after the show.


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