February 9, 2016

Medical records decision still up in the air

By Greg Buckner
Staff Writer | reporter@ogemawherald.com

STANDISH — While the fate of thousands of medical records found in a foreclosed former doctor’s office may seem like a mystery, state officials insist a resolution will soon be reached.

“We are still trying to figure out a solution to this situation,” said Rey Ramsdell. Ramsdell is the acting bureau director of the Bureau of Health Professions, which operates as part of Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

“It ultimately comes down to figuring out how we can get the records back to the people that they belong to,” Ramsdell added.

Ramsdell said that the plans for the records are currently held up because officials do not know how exactly the records will be returned to the patients.

Ramsdell said that she hopes a resolution will be reached early this week, but cited Oct. 21 as a realistic deadline.

The Independent reported on Oct. 5 that Stas Yascolt of Pinconning purchased the foreclosed building, located at 529 E. Cedar Street in Standish, leading to the discovery of thousands of medical records.

Yascolt announced that he planned to sell the records back to their owners for $100 apiece if the law allowed it. He was informed by Michigan Health Investigator Ray Garza that he could not sell the records soon after.

Garza noted that Yascolt agreed with him and was fully compliant, saying that Yascolt was stuck in an unfortunate situation of not knowing what to do with the records.


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