Men arrested in safe-cracking scheme suspected in two Arenac County break-ins

AuGres man one of the suspects



MOUNT MORRIS TWP. — Three men suspected of robbing a number of businesses across the state, including two businesses in Arenac County, have been arrested in Genesee County.

Arenac County Undersheriff Donald McIntyre said one of the arraigned men, Aaron Rettelle, 36, is originally from AuGres.

Rettelle and Saginaw residents Jamie Seman, 38, and Christopher Marek, 28, have been charged with breaking and entering and racketeering. It is estimated that more than $100,000 was stolen across 20 businesses.

“The mode of operations used to break in to businesses fit the description from our cases,” McIntyre said. “They would cut phone lines and disable alarms.”

The businesses broken into in Arenac County were, the Pine River Golf Club in Standish and Huron Breeze in AuGres.

McIntyre said that the robberies took place in April and that around $14,000 was stolen between the two golf courses.

“We had been looking out for them,” McIntyre said. “They had committed a lot of crimes. We are lucky the Mount Morris Police Department was able to catch them.”

He said that an officer in Mount Morris was able to pull the suspects over after they allegedly robbed a Home Depot.

McIntyre said an Arenac County deputy was sent to Mount Morris after the suspects were arrested to cooperate with the police department and conduct interviews with the suspects.

“He was able to get a confession,” McIntyre said.


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381262 MAREK CHRISTOPHER 04/01/1982 M White Dischrg 03/01/2010 Another sucsess story from the MDOC

Friday, September 17, 2010 | Report this

Additional information on Marek:

Sentence 1-Weapons-Felony Firearms-Saginaw

Sentence 2-B&E with Intent-Attempt-Mackinac

Sentence 3-B&E a Building with Intent-Crawford

Sentence 4-B&E a Building with Intent-Crawford

Sentence 5-Robbery Armed-Saginaw

Sentence 6-Larceny in a Building-Huron

Sentence 7-B&E a Building with Intent-Tuscola

Sentence 8-Weapons-Firemars-Receiving & Concealing-Tuscola

Sentence 9-B&E a Building with Intent-Tuscola

Sentence 10-B&E a Building with Intent-Tuscola

Sentencing dates were in 2002 and 2003 with 10 year max.Why didn't he serve his full time? Yes f16mech this is indeed one of MDOC's great sucesses!!

Friday, September 17, 2010 | Report this

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