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Museum offer great insight into county’s past


The Arenac County Historical Society Museum in AuGres hosted Casey Wise last week and he spoke about his father and grandfather’s businesses at Point Lookout in AuGres.

Audience members at the program could’ve heard great stories, some Wise admitted may have been exaggerated over time as they were handed down, and learned about what the county was like prior to present times, when lumberjacks moved on and fishing took over as the big industry in the area. But besides that, members of the audience could have browsed the museum’s displays, looking at artwork, furniture, amenities and clothing in the museum.

Also, on the weekends while it’s open, the museum is home to several books written about Arenac County’s past, including ones focusing on certain towns and villages, and businesses and industries.

The museum should be taken advantage of by schools in the county to give young minds an interest in local history, letting them see that even here in our little county, there is rich history and great folklore. There’s history that may shed some light as to why things are like they are where the students are growing up. The books sold there can be great resources in creating an interest not only in the world beyond our borders, but the world inside our borders along the Saginaw Bay.

Besides, to really appreciate where you’re coming from, you have to know where you’re at.

The museum is a great place to find that out.


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