New clock greets Standish travelers


STANDISH — Travelers passing through the corner of Cedar Street and US-23 in Standish may want to check their clocks to make sure they are on Standish time.

A new clock has been installed in front of the Standish Historical Depot thanks to grant funding through the Standish Downtown Development Authority.

Curt Hillman, chairman of the DDA said the clock cost $18,000 and should be a good addition to the city.

“This city has not has a community clock in a number of years,” he said. “We thought it would be a nice addition to our community to have a clock.”

Hillman said funding from the Standish Historical Depot paid for the installation of the clock, which cost $1,500.

“That cost cover all of the expenses,” he said. “Things like electrical hook up and installation.”

Grants from the DDA act as reimbursements after businesses make the initial improvements to the outside of their buildings. Hillman said the DDA grants half of an investment up to $5,000, for area businesses each year while saving money for visual improvements to the city.

“The amount of money it cost for the clock was something the DDA has saved for a number of years,” he said. “We have a city improvement fund for additions to the city. With that fund we have added things like the clock and benches to areas of the city.”

Hillman said the location for the clock was chosen because the corner of Cedar Street and US-23 is the busiest location in the city.

‘We wanted everyone to see this clock,” he said. “Now it can be viewed from all four corners of that intersection.”

Hillman said the clock was built by the Verdin Clock Company, which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the top of the clock it reads “Est. 1871 Standish.” Hillman added that 1871 was when the city was first created.

“Standish was first created by John B. Standish in 1871 and that is why we chose the year 1871 for the clock,” he said.

Hillman said he hopes that residents and visitors of Standish enjoy the new clock.

“It really is a beautiful clock,” he said. “I think everyone will enjoy seeing it.”



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