New tax bills sent out after errors with originals


ARENAC COUNTY — An error with tax bills across the county has resulted in a fresh set being processed and mailed out.

According to Arenac County Commissioner Mike Snyder, there was an error in calculating the original set of tax bills as far as drains and millages were concerned. Some drain projects were not included in the bill calculations, he said, or were billed inaccurately. The drains weren’t the only problem, however.

“There was also an issue with some millages,” Snyder said. “For example, Whitney Township has a millage for mosquito control, and were allowed 1 mill. They wanted an increase, and the increase wasn’t put into the bill so it was wrong.”

Other parts of Snyder’s district, such as Sims Township, increased its police millage but did not see the millage change reflected on the tax bill.

School districts across the entire county also had inaccurate millage amounts in the opposite direction. Snyder said each district has a maximum amount they can collect on their millages, but none of them actually do so. The tax bills sent out ended up listing the most that each district could collect, however.

“Because it impacted a number of townships, it was way easier for us to redo and resend the bills,” Snyder said. “So don’t pay the blue bill, pay the white one. It’s the corrected one.”

Most people should see a reduced amount on their corrected tax bill, he said.

The error stemmed from the Equalization Department, and Snyder said it was partially a computer error that slipped by until after the bills had been sent out.

The county is paying for the reprocessing, reprinting, and mailing of the corrected bills, he said, and most of them were sent out Dec. 14.


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