No longer a rookie



I can’t believe it’s been one year since I began working for Sunrise Printing and Publishing.

It seems like only yesterday I was a college student scrambling to find a job out of college. And, apparently, finding jobs in media is not easy.

After months of searching, I finally got an interview at the Ogemaw Herald, and within a week, I had my job, as a reporter.

This past year has not always been easy, from my weekend stints at the Ogemaw Herald, to my transition to the office at the Arenac County Independent.

Things have been going well, and I feel that in the past year I have learned so much about being a good reporter.

I always thought that college would teach me everything I needed to know about my future profession. Let me just say that college only taught me half of what I needed to know.

There is nothing like getting that, real, on-the-job training. And over these past 12 months, I have gotten that and then some.

When you’re in school, sitting in those classrooms, professors can talk about writing a story about a tragic car accident, but when you actually have to cover something like that, it is extremely difficult to do.

I was also told that when your job is in the public eye, no matter what I do, not everyone is going to be happy with my work. That has to be the truest statement I have ever been told.

But not everything has been a challenge. I have had the chance to really get to know some great people here in Arenac County, people I would have never had the chance to meet.

I have met so many people, that sometimes I can’t remember their names, but I know how pleasant they were to talk with.

I have also covered a ton of events, which I have enjoyed, even if I was skeptical about them. Events like Relay For Life, or a ribbon cutting ceremony have been some of the most fun times I have ever had while working.

But the best events are the high school sports. Getting to see the youth of this area go all out and play for the love of the game.

From the incredible season the Standish-Sterling Central boys basketball team has been on, to watching the sunset during the AuGres-Sims, Arenac Eastern football game in the fall, sports has been my favorite highlight.

So I say so long to my status as a rookie, and on to year two.

The road won’t always be fun; it won’t always be easy, but I will be here, writing stories, making calls, and snapping photos. Even if it annoys you.


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