Northeast Michigan Baseball League members attend reunion in Omer

Kevin Bunch
The 2012 NEM hall of fame honorees pose for pictures during the NEM reunion Sunday, July 22. From left, Bill Bannister, Gary Stanley, Richard Gillings, Richard Eymer, Roger Fritz, and Ray LaClair stand with former Detroit Tiger Dave Rozema.
Kevin Bunch
David Rozema, pitcher for the 1984 World Series winning Detroit Tigers team, talks about his baseball experience over the years, and how the game has changed.
Kevin Bunch
Former NEM coach Patrick O’Keefe talks about his experiences in the league and proposes that NEM player Cletus Vallad be added to the NEM hall of fame.
Kevin Bunch
Past NEM hall of famers gathered during the reunion for a photo. From left, Tom Pavelka, Bill Knochel, Bob Budz, Gary Osier, Tom LaClair, Scott Pickvet, Bob Proulx, Eugene Jordan, guest speaker Dave Rozema, Steve Kanyo, Patrick O’Keefe, Robert Gillings, Dale Suminski,and Bob Pelton.
Kevin Bunch
Bob Pelton gives his opening remarks during the NEM reunion.
Kevin Bunch
Bob Pelton, right, shows former Detroit Tiger Dave Rozema some of the material in the Northeast Michigan Baseball League (NEM) museum during the NEM reunion July 22.

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OMER — Members of the Northeast Michigan Baseball League (NEM) held their annual reunion picnic at the Ye Olde Courthouse in Omer Sunday, July 22.

Players, coaches, family members, and others came out to the reunion. A few members stood up and told stories before the audience along with guest speaker, former Detroit Tiger Dave Rozema. Lunch was served, and afterward six living members and two posthumous ones were honored with entrance into the NEM Hall of Fame.

Visitors also nominated and voted on the honorees for next year’s Hall of Fame, with one, Cletus Vallad, argued to be a guaranteed entry for his work in setting up the NEM reunions and the museum.

The NEM operated from 1916 until 1986, and spanned communities from as far south as Saginaw northward to Alpena. The museum was set up at the Omer courthouse when the Arenac County Historical Society took over the building.



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