Omer Sucker Derby canceled


OMER — The Omer Sucker Derby has been canceled due to a lack of organizational volunteers, said organizer Larry Daly.

Daly said not enough people were available to help find businesses to donate prizes, or to sell buttons to take part in the event. As a result, the official event has been canceled, though Daly was quick to point out concession stands and other small businesses would likely still be serving the anglers who go out sucker fishing.

“We needed five or six people to go out and talk to businesses,” Daly said. “But we are down to four actual workers.”

He added that people have been interested in volunteering time the day of the event, but he stressed they needed people to help put the event together.

The derby organizers had some money leftover from last year that was going to be used to help organize this year’s event, and Daly said the group would be meeting to determine if the money would be held over for next year’s sucker run, or if they should donate it to the local library, parks, or other function.



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