October 22, 2018

Omer resident’s recall needs more clarity


MASON — Paul Piche’s attempt to recall Governor Jennifer Granholm suffered a setback during a clarification hearing in Ingham County’s Circuit Court on July 8, as Piche’s recall clarity was turned down 3-0 by a panel at the hearing.

But the Omer resident, who is a guard at Standish Maximum Correctional Facility, isn’t giving up his effort to recall Governor Jennifer Granholm, who he says is responsible for crimes committed by prisoners paroled early under the Michigan Prison ReEntry Initiative, or due to prison closures.

“They (panel of judges at hearing) want to make sure they’re right and I do too,” Piche said. “I’m not giving up. … I told them I’ll be back, maybe Monday (July 13).

“I can’t get the signatures until the clarity is approved,” he added. “They said since the recall is as serious as the Governor, I have to be as clear as I can.”

Despite the unsuccessful attempt, Piche says he learned and will be more focused in his second effort.

“I had four points of interest on my recall petition, I’m dropping it to two,” he said. “My first contention was that she (Granholm) violated her oath of office.”

Piche says, however, a representative of the Governor, who was not in attendance, said that no public safety issue was in the oath of office taken by the Governor, but only an oath to uphold the constitution of the U.S. and Michigan.

But Piche says he is confident moving forward in his recall.

“I have to keep the fact in the next petition that she authorized the closing of 11 correctional facilities (prior to the closings announced in June) in the state of Michigan,” he said. “Now she has to held accountable for the new crimes against our citizens.

“This is all for the victims of the new crimes. … They’re in the ground, they can’t talk.”

Since his effort has surfaced, Piche says he has continued to research rapes, murders and other crimes committed by parolees who were released early or unjustifiably. He also added that he has received calls from people supporting him.

For the recall to take effect, Piche would have to collect approximately 950,000 signatures.


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