One reason for board recall granted clarity


STANDISH — Only one of four reasons filed by Standish resident Kim Hadd to recall four Standish-Sterling Community Schools Board of Education members received clarity at a hearing on Friday, but for Hadd, that’s enough to pursue the recall.

“I just feel they don’t have the interest of the kids at hand,” Hadd said. “They have until Nov. 9 to appeal. … We can’t do a petition until Nov. 9.”

A three-person panel composed of County Clerk Ricky Rockwell, Register of Deeds Rose Smith and Prosecutor Curtis Broughton voted 2-1 to grant clarity to the fourth reason Hadd filed in a recall statement, which alleges that at a board meeting on Aug. 18, 2009, public comment was disallowed in violation of the board’s policies and procedures.

“Under the Michigan Open Meetings Act, you have to allow for public comment,” Rockwell said. “We felt it was clear enough.”

The other statements filed as reasons for recall were denied clarity.

According to Rockwell, approximately 1,080 signatures will need to be collected for the recall to go through, per the 2006 election. A judge at the Nov. 9 hearing will decide the exact number of signatures necessary to collect.

Hadd is attempting to recall board members Jerry Nelson, Gary McFarland, Brenda Golimbieski and Kim Koin.


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I think the school board is doing a good job. It's a tough job that puts people in the position that everyone is not going to be happy with their decisions. I think that all the board members have the best interest of the school as a whole at heart. Decisions are made by a panel of members with all different back grounds and that is what I like the most about this board - the diversity. There are members on the board covering everyone from the average worker to the farmers to the city people and business owners, which gives them all a different opinion to share to help make decisions that will better serve the community as a whole. I don't personally agree with every decision that was made by the board but I do believe they are trying to make things work as welll as possible.

Friday, October 30, 2009 | Report this

Ditto Carrie, its a tough job and if you don't agree with how they are doing it, run for the position, don't waste my money on a recall attempt! Which by the way would be approx $24000.

Friday, October 30, 2009 | Report this

It is only a waste if it is not necessary. The recall is quite necessary to demonstrate that the students of this district are more important than allowing the superintendent's power games to go unchecked.

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | Report this

Before people sign a petition, maybe they should be informed as to how much money it will cost the school district to be recalled and hold a special election...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 | Report this

WE didn't think it was a waste of money when we voted first time around for a new school ,so class sizes would be smaller. The board voted to eliminate teachers two weeks before school started , so now the class sizes are right back up there.We are still paying the high taxes. Talk about a waste of money. I know cuts need to be made but staff should be a last result.and not two weeks before school started. If the ELECTED board members would have listen to the voters who they work for instead of dodge who works for them we wouldn't have to recall.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 | Report this

The time has come to thank our school board and Mr. Dodge for their handling the endless problems they have faced in these difficult times. No one likes the cuts and changes that must be made during Michigan’s economic hardship.

Trying to educate our kids with less aid from the state every year is almost impossible.

I personally thank our board and Mr. Dodge for doing this thankless job during Michigan’s hard times.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 | Report this

I think that most of the people posting comments on this post are posting them simply because of the people they know, and have not attended a board meeting in the past year, nor do they have any clue what is going on at Standish-Sterling. Before you start speaking blindly, maybe you should get informed about the events that have been going. Life altering decisions have been voted on on a whim and student's best interests have NOT been taken into account. Times are tough but a district with nearly $5 million in the bank does not need to be making knee jerk decisions like canceling programs left and right, laying teachers off and switching teachers around when school has already started, and making large class sizes. Maybe if the board (4 members) could have stood on their own two feet without listening to every lie that they were told, their positions wouldn't be at stake. Too bad those board members didn't take the time to inform themselves enough to know simple things like illegal procedure (like Mr. Dodge's recent newsletter states as being a major responsibility on the board's part), let alone important knowledge about our school, like the year the new foreign language requirement MIGHT go into effect and how many students are in the classes. Congratulations to those supporting the recall! THOSE are the people concerned about our school and our students and their future. THOSE are the people that should be helping make decisions. This has went on long enough. Our community needs to step up and help our students before it is too late.

Also, shake Mr. Egan and Mr. LeClair's hands if you see them....they get made to look like they're causing problems when they are really the board members who see through the lies. Thank you for caring!

P.S. Maybe the board should stop letting Mr. Dodge use the school newsletter as his sounding board. Very nice quote about snakes-very professional! Talk about getting caught up in the rumors!

Thursday, November 5, 2009 | Report this

If the board would do the job they were elected to do and put the kids' best interests first, then we wouldn't have to waste money on a recall. Unfortunately the board is making terrible decisions that will impact the community for years and years, and they must be stopped before more damage ensues. Sadly, a recall is necessary in order to accomplish this goal. Yes, it's sad that money must be spent in this way, but the costs will be so much greater if the board continues unchecked.

Friday, November 6, 2009 | Report this

The 24,000 figure is a made up number. Dodge told me it could be up to 15,000. Im still trying to get exact figure. The glass hand railing they put around to pool cost more than that. The people who go to the meetings no whats going on. If you dont attend you probly dont know enough to talk. I dont know everything but when I tried to ask Mcfarland and Nelson would not allow me to ask. That is how Mrs.Hadd got the recall. Them are the only 2 board members I care about getting recalled because if you wont have public comment to see what people think or care. It probley dont matter to you. I will try to get the exact figure for a special election until than hopefully board members dont make them up. If they do dont make them twice what Dodge is saying. It has been this way for a while with the lies. Including Just 4s and building trades. Hopefully this recall will end the lies. Thank you to all who had the guts to do this recall. Thank you to the other 3 members who care about the students.

Monday, November 9, 2009 | Report this

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