Optional ordinance makes change easier


Clayton Township recently introduced trash pickup services, but only to township taxpayers who want the service. We applaud the way the township board went about bringing the service to its constituents.

The township board recently approved a voluntary ordinance that allows township residents who were in favor of having trash pickup — about 140 of them — to receive the service while not burdening those residents who did not want the service on their tax bills.

Many of the people who petitioned the township board to provide trash pickup already had the service, but wanted a lower price, which will be the case, according to township Supervisor Raymond Daniels. He told the Independent that the $135 annual price will save people who already had the service between $25 and $100 in most cases.

And on the other side, the people who don’t want the service don’t have to pay for it. Many times when trash pickup is being discussed by a township board, it’s an all-or-nothing discussion, as in everyone had to pay for it, or no one gets it.

But instead of instantly making about half of their population angry, the board took its time and figured out a way it could draw up an ordinance that can provide a service without charging people who don’t receive or want the service.

And we bet it’s going to make the introduction of the service a lot quieter than is often the case. And that’s a good thing.


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