April 1, 2009

Other means of stimulus

Letter to the editor



More non-sense concerning our shrinking economy and ways our government is trying to stimulate it.

Here’s my take (again) plain and simple – I said this back in the Bush days, rather than giving money to the banks, our government should have just plain paid the lower 1/3 of Americas home mortgages. Then these people would have spent money to get this economy going better.

Instead – the group that is “By the people and for the people” decided to give the money to big banks without a clue where the money went. Now the banks are more tight fisted than ever. Remember I wrote that we would read the obits to gauge our life, and now we also look at the foreclosures? Guess what – today I get a letter telling me that my home mortgage is going up by 33%, not because of an arm – but, because our homes have lost value. Would it be ok to not send in as much money as I contracted to because my income dropped? Good choice Washington.

One last thing – G.M. and Chrysler get bailout money. Another good choice. Chevy and Chrysler rank among the worst in quality – Ford is pulling ahead by leaps and bounds (and didn’t take the “Loan”).

Looks to me our paper of record will soon be supported by lawyers placing foreclosure ads. I hope everyone can weather this storm, because being a small community – don’t expect big attention when it comes to Washington. And when they help, it’s normally in the wrong way.

Tim Dewald



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