Paper versus electronic, still a choice



Last week reported that they have officially begun selling more digital copies of books than print versions.

It seems like there is nothing that digital media can’t do.

We are becoming a society that wants everything in an instant. Why drive to a store to pick up a CD, movie or book when you can click your mouse and have everything you want in a matter of moments?

Look at Twitter and Facebook; the biggest issue print media has is not online publications, it is the instant notification that people have with their social media accounts.

Instant is better, right?

In my opinion, this is all still just a choice. Some people, like myself, will prefer a hardcover book to reading on an iPad; I like to have a CD, rather than just files on my computer.

Here is the problem; doing things the old way takes too long. All I have to do is sign into Twitter and I will have all of the news I care about right in front of me. I don’t have to wait or make a phone call to see how uncle Joe’s surgery went; aunt Jane already posted updates from her smartphone.

Really, that is all people care about. They care about the people they are close to and the events that will affect on them. That is why Twitter and Facebook are so popular for people.

A large population of this country has become used to this instant access and there is no turning back.

Does anyone think that children born today will have to read very many books as they grow up? I know I don’t think so. These kids today are not going grow up and buy a copy of the Detroit Free Press at the store; they are going to look at their phone or iPad because they won’t know any other way.

My generation may be the last that still holds on to the days of hard copy information.

I would still rather read the hard copy of a book and not something on a Kindle. I hope there are others that will continue to pass on the goodness of hard copy media, because someday it may be gone.

I recently signed up for Netflix and I have started downloading music from iTunes. I guess the world is beginning to change me too.


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