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Parties ignoring Obama’s pledge for bipartisanship


Personally, one of the biggest appeals about Barack Obama to me, as someone who has read his books and considers myself a political moderate, was his call for bipartisanship.

And I feel that many of the people who voted for him probably felt the same way.

But obviously, members of the House and Senate didn’t get the memo.

Let’s start with the Republicans.

It doesn’t take much explaining to tell why they are being labeled the party of no. While I can understand why many of them were so against the stimulus package, even rewriting their own, which looked like something that was handed down from George W. Bush, I can’t see why any of them would be puffing up saying they won’t take stimulus funds.

Please. You guys will take money from big oil and corporate lobbyists to fund your campaigns, but you won’t take money from the government to put some people to work repairing roads, schools and homes?

Liars. And if you did actually do that, I would say you are worse than liars, but I don’t think I’d have a job if I called you that word, which also applies to Rush Limbaugh who says he wants America’s economy to get worse so Obama can lose in 2012 (how come Republicans are so enamored with 2012 when we have so many problems right now, don’t they care?), so enough on that point. And don’t tell me I’m taking Rush’s words out of context, everyone knows what he says.

But I do feel I should also comment on the Conservative Political Action Convention that went on last week in D.C. Basically, this was a pep rally encouraging Republicans to do what they’ve been doing since Jan. 20. The real reason I wanted to mention CPAC, though, is to mention Joe the Plumber (fictional character) a.k.a. Sam Wurzelbacher, the always-squinting bald man who is milking his 15 minutes waaay too much..

He was a keynote speaker at the conference and eloquently said anyone in Congress opposing the war in Iraq should be shot.

Isn’t it sad this man is still on the radar? Should we also put a bullet in the millions of American citizens against the war? And how come when wasteful spending comes up, Republicans will always slam Obama but never the decision to invade Iraq to **not find WMD’s? I don’t know, I just really wanted a chance to say I can’t stand Sam the public speaker (his name’s not Joe and he’s not a plumber anymore).

And while we’re on the topic of Iraq, it appears Nancy Pelosi and a few other Democrats are now fighting Obama on his decision about Iraq. For one, it now appears that combat troops will be pulled out in 18 months instead of 16 months and some troops will stay behind as a residual force. Liberal talk show hosts like Keith Olbermann have criticized this as well.

This decision came with advice from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which includes Cabinet members appointed by Obama, and he is still pulling out combat troops, but all of a sudden it isn’t good enough.

Far left folks are also up in arms about some of the Bush policies being continued by Obama, especially when it comes to secrets and intelligence.

Okay people. This intelligence, even if it was gained in ways you may not like, may have uncovered some evidence that is vital in ending the two wars we’re inas fast as possible. Not to mention, people more than likely lost their lives to get it, and others are probably still in danger. I don’t remember Obama crying flower power, wearing a dashiki and dancing to Simon and Garfunkel during the campaign, so to think that he is just going to pull us right out of Iraq without enough results for a long term stable state, is just ridiculous.

Apparently when Obama won the nomination and election, in my eyes in large to his ability to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum, Democrats in Congress thought he was going to let them step on him.

Sadly, that’s probably what they wanted.

And sadly, Republicans must have thought he was going to appease everyone of their wishes.

As for me, I am refreshed to see a President who is a free thinker.

But it appears Congress and the Senate wanted a president with strings attached.

Why am I not surprised?


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Tim You are forgetting that Obama has already changed our country faster than anyone in our history. His idea of bipartisanship is lets talk and do it my/Ram Emanuels way or else. Obama's ratings are already lower than BUSH's at the same time in 2001. There is a reason for this.

Friday, March 13, 2009 | Report this

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