Pinconning School Board member resigns


Updated at 9:15 a.m. on Dec. 17

PINCONNING — Threats to family members and employees have compelled Pinconning Area Schools Board of Education member Tom Hornacek to resign his position on the board.

“Concerns for my family and my employees due to threats received because of my involvement on the board has brought me to this decision,” said a letter from Hornacek to Pinconning Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski.

Hornacek, who owns businesses in Pinconning as well, told the Independent that members of school boards in the state are in a tight spot right now.

“Being on a school board in the state of Michigan is the dirtiest job right now,” he said. “Regardless of what we’re going to do now … somebody’s going to be hurt.

“Unfortunately somebody made it personal,” he added. “The last thing I ever intended to do was cut my term short.”

The Pinconning businessman said the problem for funding schools in Michigan isn’t just the recession.

“The system for funding schools is broken,” Hornacek said. “The leadership in our state just doesn’t get it.”

Since 2007, when he started his term, however, he said there were some accomplishments the board has made that he is proud of. He said he worked hard to get a local bond proposal passed to fund renovation and new construction at the Pinconning Middle School/High School, which was completed earlier this year.

“It looks brand new,” Hornacek said. “You can just see the smiles on the kids’ faces now when they walk in the door.”

Hornacek issued his letter of resignation on Dec. 14.


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Please don't insult our intelligence, Mr. Hornacek by alleging that you've been "threatened". If you seriously received threats against your person, your businesses, employees, and family, why would you NOT involve the police? It sounds like Mr. Hornacek is simply experiencing the consequences of his actions in the form of decreased business, and is not liking it. Sadly the damage is done. When you insult teachers by telling them the District Coordinator (who lacks a degree, credentials, or even essential duties) is more valuable to the school district than the actual educators, you have to expect that people will not want to give you their business. Yes, times are tough and people have to make sacrifices. But your disdain for educators and your protection of the administrators and athletics over our children's educational interests is deeply disturbing. Don't worry Mr. Hornacek: the District Coordinator will still be able to shop at your stores. She'll drive up in her BMW.

Friday, December 18, 2009 | Report this

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