February 14, 2016

Pinconning lays off four teachers

By Jeff Patrus|Staff Writer
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PINCONNING — Facing a continuing financial crunch, the Pinconning Area School District Board of Education, at its Dec. 14 regular board meeting, voted to reduce four teaching positions in the district.

The board also voted to eliminate a middle school/high school hall monitor position, as well as a high school liaison officer position. PASD Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski said the district would save “a little over $100,000” with the elimination of the four teaching positions.

At this point, Kroczaleski said the four positions that would be eliminated would be comprised of two positions at the elementary school level and two at the high school level. However, he said the district would have to consult with the Pinconning teachers’ union to determine which specific positions to cut.

“The reason we don’t know exactly is because of the union contract,” he said. “We have to follow procedure. We’re working with the union right now.”

On Nov. 19, Kroczaleski said that the district sent layoff notices to 46 of its staff members as a precautionary move by the district because of a stipulation in the district’s contract with the teachers that calls for them to receive a 60-day notice in the event they could be laid off.

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