Pinconning man charged in Standish robbery to be sentenced



STANDISH — A 30-year old Pinconning man who was charged with armed robbery in the robbery of the Pine River Grocery Store in Standish in September is awaiting his sentence after accepting a plea offer.

Albert J. Rotunno pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted unarmed robbery, according to Undersheriff Donald McIntyre of the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department.

Rotunno will be sentenced in front of chief Circuit Judge William F. Myles on Wednesday, Nov. 24, at 9 a.m.

McIntyre said that when Rotunno robbed the convenience store Sept. 24 he had stolen around $700 in cash and around $2,000 in checks and credit card receipts.

According to McIntyre, Rotunno threatened to get a gun if the clerk did not give him money.

“He told the clerk ‘You better give me all the money, or I will get a gun,’” McIntyre said. He added that even though the Rotunno did not use a gun, he was originally charged with armed robbery because he mentioned a gun.

Rotunno was pulled over by McIntyre approximately five minutes after the robbery occurred. McIntyre said Rotunno was attempting to hide the stolen cash under his seat, but the money began to fly out of the window of his Dodge pickup, blowing across US-23.

“It was quite a sight,” McIntyre said.


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