Pinconning meat heist lands two in jail


PINCONNING — Monday a third defendant was sentenced to jail in connection to a heist of approximately a half ton of meat from the Berthiaume Slaughter House in Pinconning last year.

David Payne, of Pinconning, was sentenced in Bay County Circuit Court to 178 days in jail. He pleaded guilty in August to breaking and entering and larceny less than $20,000.

Two co-defendants sentenced prior to Monday, Billy Willis, 32, of Standish, and David Lachcik, 33, of Pinconning, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering charges. Willis received one year in jail, while Lachcik was sentenced to three years probation.

Another suspect, Jolene Willis, is due in court on March 9, on charges on safe breaking, breaking and entering and larceny less than $20,000.


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David Lachcik #249424 was serving a 3-20 for armed robbery in 1995 and he served less than 6 years. Now he gets 3years probation. Fine example of how we let these guys out early and they come right back. Billy Willis #298275 a laundry list of oui and owi's and a resisting arrest recieved a year in jail. What happens next? Welcome to the information age.

Friday, January 15, 2010 | Report this

If what you say is true, Lachcik was not released early, but three years longer than his minimum sentence. If you want everyone to serve maximum sentences, than the the next time you get a speeding ticket you should serve jail time since it's a misdemeanor.

Friday, January 15, 2010 | Report this

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