Pinconning schools’ superintendent search begins



PINCONNING — Darren Kroczaleski’s transition to the Standish-Sterling Community School District leaves the Pinconning Area School District looking for a new superintendent.

Kroczaleski, the former Pinconning superintendent, was hired as SSCS’ new superintendent Aug. 25. A contract was agreed to on Friday, Sept. 2.

The Pinconning Area School District Board of Education will meet at its regular time, Monday, Sept. 12 to discuss the future of the superintendent position, according to Kroczaleski.

“We are going to look at all of our options and see what the best rout is for us to take,” board President Gary Yaros said.

Yaros said he is happy for Kroczaleski and SSCS.

“I think this is going to be beneficial for both districts,” he said. “Darren being hired at Standish-Sterling means we will have even better communication between the two districts.”

Yaros said he is thankful to the SSCS board for the way they conducted the interview process.

“I think Dr. Leonard LeClair and the rest of the board handled this situation with great professionalism,” he said. “I really think this will only expand our relationship.”

Dr. Leonard LeClair, president of the SSCS Board of Education, said he wants to make the transition easy for Kroczaleski and the Pinconning board.

“I think we want to be very neighborly and be sure that we work with Pinconning to make this as smooth as possible,” he said. “If they need (Kroczaleski) for support at their (district) then we will do whatever we can to make that transition easy.”

Bay-Arenac Intermediate School District Superintendent Michael Dewey said the ISD will reach out to the Pinconning school district’s board of education in the same way they reached out to the SSCS board.

“Of course we will help them,” he said. “We will do what we can to make things work.”

Dewey said the Pinconning board may choose to take a different route than the SSCS when searching for a new superintendent.

“They may look to hire a different firm to do their search and that is entirely up to their board,” he said. “I will talk with Darren (Kroczaleski) and ask him if he wants me to contact his board president, and leave it in Darren’s hands as to where he wants to move the process forward.”

Yaros said the Pinconning board did not want to begin a search without knowing Kroczaleski’s future plans. He added that Kroczaleski is leaving the district in good shape.

“We did not want to jump the gun,” he said. “He was our superintendent and we wanted to stand by him. Darren did an excellent job for us.”


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