February 9, 2016
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Politicians love the haves more than the have nots

Posted 11/10/09

The recent bill that passed through Congress and the Senate to extend unemployment benefits during the current recession passed almost unanimously in both chambers, 413-12 in the House and 98-0 in the Senate.

So was the government making a “humane” effort to help people out since unemployment is the highest it’s been in over two decades?

That depends on who you ask. The bill is only allocating $2.4 billion for unemployment benefits, and over $10 billion in tax rebates to large corporations to stem their losses.

I thought the age of the corporate bailout had passed. Even when the government does something to help out the common people, the ones hurting most, the ones who won’t be hired at the places getting another $10 billion in tax relief, it still bends over backwards to do what politicians really want to do.

Help out their biggest campaign donors.

“Today’s bill allocates $2 billion to the winner and $10 billion to the loser,” is what Rep. Lloyd Doggett, a Texas Republican said about the bill, and I see his point.

What I fail to see, though is why he voted for it anyway and why President Obama signed it.

I’m sure there is some “logical” reason why, and some Congressmen and Senators will be explaining it on some stupid news shows, but it’s getting ridiculous.

And I’m also getting sick of the reports that the economy is on the upswing. I know the GDP actually growing is a good thing, and so is the Dow Jones going above 10,000, but let’s see who those things help.

Not the people without jobs.

You’d think when the economy expands, as it did last month, and when companies on the Dow Jones Industrial index are doing well, that would equal more jobs.

Nope. Why not?

I have no idea.

I also have no idea why something as clearcut as extending unemployment benefits has to come with a mini-government bailout.

Maybe it’s because unemployment benefits being extended are like a bailout for working class people, and, in the eyes of the folks in Washington, they just don’t deserve to be rewarded for their suffering.

It makes me wonder about the 12 people who voted against the unemployment benefits. Why did they vote no?

My guess is because they didn’t read the bill, and they thought it would only benefit the growing masses of the unemployed and not those precious failing corporations.

If that’s the case, I wish more people never read this bill. When the side of pork is bigger than the entrée, someone is going to choke.

And it’s not going to be the big corporations.

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