Polka music fills the bandstand at Standish depot

Kevin Bunch
Accordions and drums accompany the rest of the Steve Dzrewicki Band as they played a variety of polka tunes.
Kevin Bunch
Audience members set up their chairs in the shade for the Steve Dzrewicki Band’s polka concert July 18.
Kevin Bunch
Members of the band play their trumpets as part of a polka.
Kevin Bunch
Dannika Christie, 6, Davylynn Christie, 5, and Linda Burgess-Christie of Standish find a shady spot to listen to the concert.
Kevin Bunch
The band’s bassist feels the heat as he plays at the depot July 18.
Kevin Bunch
Bev Gwisdala and Anne Goff of Standish enjoy the polka music at the depot.
Kevin Bunch
Few people ventured out of the shade of the depot and the trains to get closer to the band during the depot’s summer concert July 18.
Kevin Bunch
Accordionists play in the Steve Dzrewicki Band at the depot.
Kevin Bunch
Peggy Balcer of Bay City and Marilyn Zelek of Pinconning get some front-row seats under the shade of some trees.
Kevin Bunch
Don Kroczaleski and his friend Barb of Sterling clap along with the polka music.

The Steve Dzrewicki Band played in the blistering heat at the Standish Historical Depot July 18, as part of the depot’s summer concert series. While the heat relegated much of the audience to shady spots under trees or in front of the depot, some still found ways to show their enjoyment without getting up to dance in the sun.


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