Public hearing scheduled for potential sale of Au Gres Funland property (with poll)

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The Au Gres Funland property has attracted a purchasing group and its plans for the site will be heard at a public hearing Dec. 17.
What type of business should be developed at the Funland property?

Au GRES — The city of Au Gres assumed legal ownership of the Au Gres Funland property in late October, and a potential buyer has already stepped forward to make an offer on the property.

Mayor Tom Ennes said the buyers, a group from the Bay City area, approached city council during a closed session on November and requested confidentiality. He said the council hopes to find out more information at a Dec. 17 public hearing regarding the sale.

“They gave us just the very basic things,” he said. “We really don’t know for sure exactly what they’re planning. Maybe we’ll know more at the hearing.”

Ennes said the buyers, if approved for purchase, do plan on removing the water park equipment from the site.

City Manager Pat Killingbeck said the buyers have informed the city they do plan on a development that will create multiple full-time, non-seasonal jobs in Au Gres. She said people who want to hear more information on the proposal will be able to do so at the public hearing, which is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

“At that meeting I think they’ll be willing to share with the public what their proposal is,” she said.

Killingbeck said the city charter requires that a public hearing is held before the city sells property it owns. She said city council members will be able to approve the property sale at the public hearing.

The Au Gres Funland property, also known as Lutz’s Funland, has been vacant for several years. Killingbeck said the property has technically been owned by the city for about two years, as the city paid about $20,000 in back taxes on the land after it was foreclosed upon.

“Technically it was ours, but we had to wait until litigation was resolved between the county land bank and another person,” she said. “It actually reverted to the city about two years ago, but we weren’t at liberty to do anything with it.”


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