Quarter auction fundraiser offers inexpensive entertainment


Au GRES — The third annual Arenac County Celebration Fund quarter auction does not require participants to be auction-savvy or big spenders, according to event coordinator Sheree Wiltse.

The April 9 fundraiser, which will be held at Town & Country Lounge, will raise money for the annual Arenac County fireworks show, Wiltse said. Everybody who shows up for the auction, which starts at 6:30 p.m., will receive a free auction paddle, Wiltse said.

Each table set up for the event will have a bowl in the middle, and when people want to bid on an auction item, they put a certain number of quarters in the bowl, according to Wiltse.

“We have different areas of items, like a $10 item would sell for a quarter, $20 for 50 cents, $30 for 75 cents and on up,” she said.

“We will tell you before we put it up for auction how many quarters you’ll have to put in,” Wiltse continued. “Each table will have their bowl to put money in. We’ll tell you ahead of time if it’s a 50-cent item or a 25-cent item.”

After interested bidders drop their quarters in the bowl, Wiltse said Bingo numbers corresponding to the paddle numbers are drawn, and the bidder with the matching paddle wins the item.

Previous quarter auctions have raised around $1,500, and approximately 80 people attended last year’s quarter auction, Wiltse said. She said the fireworks committee decided to start holding the quarter auction after seeing other organizations hold them.

“Relay For Life did it as a fundraiser, and I knew the people who organized them,” she said. “They did it and I went to a couple of theirs and they were so much fun.”

Wiltse said participants seem to enjoy the event because it is fun and inexpensive.

“People can go and not spend very much money,” she said. “Take a couple of rolls of quarters and you’ve got an evening of entertainment.”

For more information, contact Wiltse by calling 989-329-7444 or via email at sheree@walkeragencyinsurance.com.


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