Quarter auction scheduled to fund 2013 fireworks display


Au GRES — The Arenac County Celebration Fund is planning to hold a quarter auction on March 6 to raise money needed for the annual county fireworks celebration.

According to Sandy Metzger of the Au Gres Chamber of Commerce, the auction will be held at Dunleavy’s in Au Gres starting at 6 p.m. and should run for roughly two hours.

“Let’s say we have a basket of chocolates donated. Depending on the value, there are four categories — it’s either at 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents or a dollar — so a higher price item may go for a dollar,” Metzger said.

Metzger said everyone participating gets a numbered paddle when they enter, and if an item comes up they would like, they put the relevant amount of money in a dish on the table and raise their paddle. The auctioneer than draws a number, and the winner is the person with the corresponding paddle.

So far the fund has received baskets of chocolates, candles, lotions, bubble baths, and clothes, and Metzger said that it is still receiving donated items. Those can be brought to her at Au Gres City Hall or to the Au Gres Chemical Bank.

She said there is no registration or fee for participating in the auction, though if a participant wanted a second paddle, it would cost $5. Metzger added if people are welcome to come late if need be, they would just miss out on some of the auction items.

All the proceeds from the auction will go toward the county celebration display, which is set for July 6 at the mouth of the Au Gres River. The Arenac County Celebration Fund is aiming for around $12,000 for this year’s celebration.


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