Ralph Lauren and Hanes stores to undergo demolition

Tanger remains closed for the time being

Eric Young
The Polo Ralph Lauren store and the Hanes Brands store next door will be demolished after a roof collapse last week.
Tanger Outlet Center
2990 Cook Road
West Branch, Mi 48661
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WEST BRANCH — The Polo Ralph Lauren and Hanes Brands stores at Tanger Outlet Center will undergo demolition after the roof above the Ralph Lauren store caved in last week.
Tanger Outlet Center issued a press release late Tuesday.

“We continue to take steps to ensure safety at Tanger Outlets West Branch after last week’s partial roof collapse,” the release states.

It goes on to say the two stores will be demolished “in concert with opinions of local officials, engineers and vendors.”

“At this time, our center remains closed as our operations team and officials continue to assess additional steps needed to protect the center,” the release states. “We appreciate the ongoing cooperation of our employees and retailers as well as the patience of our loyal customers. We will continue to provide more clarity about this situation as updates become available.”

The outlet mall was evacuated and closed last Thursday after the collapse. No one was seriously injured in the incident. Officials began clearing additional snow off the roof of the rest of the facility Monday.


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