February 13, 2016

Recall language filed against school board members


STANDISH — Four members of the Standish-Sterling Community Schools District Board of Education had recall language filed against them on Tuesday.

According to County Clerk Ricky Rockwell, Board President Jerry Nelson, Vice-President Gary McFarland, Brenda Golimbieski and Kim Koin are all targeted by the attempted recall, which was filed by Kim Hadd, of Standish.

Reasons for the recall language being filed include:

• Violation of Code of Conduct for a School Board Member (Nelson and McFarland).

• Meeting outside of scheduled board meeting times discussing school related issues (Nelson, McFarland, Golimbieski).

• Not acting on behalf of district regarding proper layoff procedure.

• Board of Education special meeting held Aug. 18, 2009 – a motion was made and passed, but was ignored and public comment was disallowed in violation of the Board’s Policies and Procedures.

Rockwell said a clarity hearing to decipher whether or not the recall language is clear needs to be scheduled before the recall moves on.

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