February 14, 2016

Recall petitions filed and awaiting verification

By Lauren Begley
Staff Writer | reporter@arenacindependent.com

Updated Feb. 11 at 9:18 a.m.

STANDISH — Recall petitions for four members of the Standish-Sterling Community Schools District Board of Education were filed on Jan. 26, and local township clerks are verifying the signatures, which total about 1,200, according to Arenac County Clerk Ricky Rockwell.

Recall language was filed last October against board president Jerry Nelson and vice-president Gary McFarland as well as board members Brenda Golimbieski and Kim Koin, by Kim Hadd of Standish.

According to a notice from the Standish-Sterling board of education, Nelson resigned from his position effective Feb. 2. The board is looking for someone to fill that position and asks that applications be turned in by Feb. 22 at 3 p.m. in order to appoint the new member who will serve until the school election in November.

Rockwell said he is asking for the local clerks to finish their work within seven days. The clerks have to check signatures to make sure that each person was a registered voter at the time of signing, he said.

Rockwell said if all the signatures are verified, the recall election would be held May 4.

Reasons for the recall language being filed included:

• Violation of Code of Conduct for a School Board Member (Nelson and McFarland).

• Meeting outside of scheduled board meeting times discussing school related issues (Nelson, McFarland, Golimbieski).

• Not acting on behalf of district regarding proper layoff procedure.

• Board of Education special meeting held Aug. 18, 2009 — a motion was made and passed, but was ignored and public comment was disallowed in violation of the Board’s Policies and Procedures.

Only the fourth point about the special board meeting was approved to go on the petitions after a hearing in October.

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