Reports say Standish Max likely out as Gitmo replacement; White House, Granholm's office say prison not off the table


News sources reported on Monday that the Standish Maximum Correctional Facility is not likely to be used as detention center to hold suspected terrorists detained in Guantanamo Bay, but officials say the prison hasn't been ruled out yet.

According to a White House spokesperson, SMF is still one of many options being considered.

“The site survey in August of the Standish prison is intended only to gather information about the facility. No decisions have been made about where to locate Gitmo detainees, and multiple options are being considered," said the spokesperson.

Also, Governor Granholm's office says that in its ongoing discussions with the Obama Administration, no word has come out saying Standish Max is not being considered.

"We've been talking with the White House continuously and no decision has been made," said the Governor's Deputy Press Secretary Megan Brown. "We've spoken with the White House; we've been briefed by the White House, and they let us know that no decisions have been made."

"We (the MDOC) have heard nothing from federal officials since their tour. They have not told us they are or are not interested in SMF," added Department of Corrections Public Information Officer Russ Marlan.

The news reports saying Standish Max was out of consideration said options being eyed as the replacement for Gitmo now include military brigs and the SuperMax prison in Florence, Colo.

This summer, federal officials representing multiple departments visited Standish Max.

Reports Monday also said 75 of the remaining 223 Gitmo detainees would be released.

Check back for updates.


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