Roe confident, composed for first state final



STANDISH — For junior Andrew Roe (39-13), having a shot at an individual state wrestling championship is a dream come, but it was not a surprise.

The 215-pounder from Standish-Sterling Central finished second at regionals, after coming into the tournament as a four seed.

“At the beginning of the year, I thought I could make it,” Roe said. “I just had to keep my eyes focused on the goal.”

He said that making the state finals, which will be held at The Palace of Auburn Hills March 3-4, was his ultimate goal for this season.

Roe added that he is nervous about competing on the state’s largest stage, but added that he has continued to stay focused, but that does not mean he won’t be nervous at all.

“I have been trying to keep my mind off of it,” he said. “I have been coming to practice and making sure that I am busting my butt to be ready to go when I go down there.”

Roe said that he will doing everything he can to stay healthy and ready, including watching everything he eats.

“This week I am going to be a little more nervous,” he said. “I am definitely going to watch everything I eat and make sure I am under weight. I will settle my nerves by coming out and practicing as hard as I can.”

For Roe, competing at The Palace is going to be a different experience than anything he has done before.

“There is a little more riding on this,” he said. “There is going to be more people, and (opponents) I have not seen before.”

Roe said there are a number of reasons that he was able to make the state finals this season.

“I can’t thank my coaches and wrestling partners enough for pushing me,” he said. “I trained harder this year, and I think I had a better head on my shoulders. I was able to pay attention and train harder.”

The SSC wrestling team as a whole finished the season with 27 wins and 16 losses, sending four wrestlers, including Roe to the regional tournament in Benzonia.

Roe said he believes the team’s success has led to individual successes as well.

“I was happy to see us get four (wrestlers) to the regional tournament,” he said. “I wish that more of us could have made it to states.”

Roe said that he will be easy to spot under the Palace lights, because he always wears one pink sock on his left foot, in honor of his mother’s battle with cancer.

“My mom had cancer, and ever since she was diagnosed, I have worn a pink sock on my left foot to honor her and other members of my family who have had battles with cancer.”

Roe continues to stay humble through his experience. Saying that he just happy to be going.

“I don’t want to be that person who runs their mouth,” he said. “I just want to keep my mind set and see how I do.”


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