SSC Middle School encourages students to be active, avoid alcohol

Kevin Bunch
Standish-Sterling eighth-grader Nolan Salgat tries his hand at the running game during the school’s Ask, Listen, Learn assembly.
Kevin Bunch
SSC seventh-grader Cassidy Kraatz runs in place to move a video game character along their path to school.
Kevin Bunch
Congressman Dan Kildee, D-Flint, spoke to students at the SSC middle school about his own experiences with staying healthy.
Kevin Bunch
The student volunteers and officials who took part in the Ask, Listen, Learn assembly pose for a photo. Front row: Congressman Dan Kildee, SSC Middle School Principal Gary Roper, Century Council representative Meghann Scherrer. Middle row: Nolan Salgat, Jack Robinson, Cole Provoast. Back row: Cassidy Kraatz, Rebecca Daniels, Hunter Nelson, Sam Broughton.

STANDISH — An assembly to motivate students to get active and oppose underage drinking took place at the Standish-Sterling Middle School April 29.

The assembly, put together by the SSC school district, Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Flint), and the Century Council non-profit group, included an exercise video game where volunteer students ran on a pad and answered questions while getting their avatar to school on time.

“I’ve found out that the choices you make at a young age can change the path your life can take,” Kildee said. “The choice of taking one path or another can have a great impact on your life.”

He said drinking can take a toll on a person’s life and body, as it takes only about 30 seconds to get from the bloodstream to the brain.

Kildee added it is not enough to simply say no to bad choices, but to say yes to positive and healthy ones like getting out and exercising.

The volunteers then came out to run in place on a pad to move a digital student along the path to school, stopping every so often to answer questions about alcohol and exercise. Students in the audience were encouraged to join in to answer the questions, and the volunteers were able to make it to the computerized school with time to spare.

According to Meghann Scherrer with the Century Council, which is dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking, the group has been working for 20 years to promote active behaviors and teach kids about the effects of drinking. It has had assemblies in schools across the U.S.


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