February 9, 2016

SSC board member recall vote now official


STANDISH — Standish-Sterling school board recall election results were certified last week, and the filing deadline to fill the three vacant positions is May 20 at 4 p.m.

An extra vote in Gibson Township was found during certification, making the final numbers 720 in favor of and 598 against recalling Brenda Golimbieski, 767 in favor of and 552 against recalling Kim Koin and 775 in favor of and 537 against recalling Gary McFarland.

For a recall election, the filing deadline to fill the positions is 15 days after the date of certification, making May 20 the SSC school board filing deadline.

One position’s term is over in December 2010, the second ends in December 2011 and the third term is over in December 2012.

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