SSC bringing murder mystery and comedy to the stage


STANDISH — The Standish-Sterling Central Theater Association will be presenting the farcical murder mystery “But Why Bump Off Barnaby?” at the high school April 18-20.

Play director Judy Harper said the story takes place at the mansion of Marlgate, where members of the Leduc clan gather to unlock family treasures. Soon after arriving, however, one of their number begins murdering the rest, forcing each person to watch their back while trying to work together to figure out who the killer is.

“It is a murder mystery farce about a group of people trying to figure out why a guy by the name of Barnaby got bumped off,” Harper said. “He is murdered, and the group of people who are attending a party have to try to determine who murdered him.”

Harper said she ran the same play 12 years ago, and had a good response from the audience, but since it is not a straight murder mystery, she needed a group of students with solid comedic timing. She said the 10 students starring in this play have the experience and comedic ability to put on a good show.

“I think the audience will have quite an enjoyable time with it,” she said. “You’ve got the puzzle to figure out in terms of the murder, but on the same token there are a lot of laughs. It’s a cheesy sort of laugh out loud kind of play.”

The play stars sophomores Keara Dixon and Alyssa Mohr; juniors Morgan Malcolm, Miguel Strawn, Eric Kroczaleski, and Jacob Wright; and seniors Jason Armstead, Paige Gasper, Emily Gates and Kaitlyn Jedrzejczyk.

They play a range of silly stereotypes, Harper said, ranging from Barnaby himself, his dim-witted sister Dora, hard-of-hearing Aunt Barbara, the gaining Hollywood actress Cleo, near-sighted governess Miss Barnsdale, and a police reporter, Jeff Barnett.

The play was written by Jack Sharkey under the pen name Rick Abbot, and has a 90-minute length. The show begins at 7 p.m. each evening, with a $7 ticket price for adults and $5 for students.

Additionally, on April 20 the school will have a “dessert festival” during the play’s intermission where, for $10, festival ticketholders can try out some sweets and desserts. While standard tickets can be purchased at the door, dessert tickets must be purchased in advance from the school’s theater association.


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