SSC students caught with prescription drugs


Updated Jan. 27 at 9:48 a.m. STANDISH — Police confiscated 38 prescription pills from a Standish-Sterling Central student on Wednesday after another student’s parents reportedly found out about the pills, Arenac County Sheriff James Mosciski said.

Mosciski said there were 22 of one type of pill and 16 of another kind. He said the pills are being analyzed but are presumed to be OxyContin and morphine, respectively.

The student who brought the pills to school reportedly took them from her grandmother, who is a cancer patient, according to Mosciski.

Seven or eight others are reportedly involved with taking pills from the student who brought them in, but that number might grow as the investigation continues, Mosciski said.

He said the parents found out about the pills after their student took some and became ill. The student reportedly came forward about the pills, and the parents brought the student and the remaining pills to the school.

Beverly Skinner, the Instructional Services Director for Standish-Sterling Community Schools, said that the schools incorporate education on drug use within the curriculum as well as put on programs to educate parents.

Students receive education in health and physical education classes, and a health class is a requirement for high school graduation, Skinner said.

Skinner said she plans to put on annual educational programs for parents, and she said she recently put together a parent-only program earlier this month. She said that Ken Krygel from Macomb Community College set up a display at the event to show parents the different ways in which kids can use and hide drugs.

Skinner said that it seems prescription drug use is growing, but she also said that there does not seem to be any increase in drug use in general.

Mosciski said that petitions will be put into probate court regarding the actions to be taken with students involved, and the student who brought in the pills might get “delivery upon school grounds.”

He said that teenage prescription drug use is not just a problem in Arenac County but is present in other counties as well.


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The parents of these children had better wake up and start paying attention to their children instead of themselves. This was a loud cry for help. Will anyone listen to them now or will we see their obituary in the newspaper?

Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Report this

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