Science Olympiad results


Team scores

1. AuGres Sims - 98 (advance to state tournament)

2. Arenac Eastern - 125 (advance to state tournament)

3. Jefferson Middle School - 134 (advance to state tournament)

4. Northeast Middle School - 135

5. Handy Middle School - 137

6. Western Middle School - 152

7. White Pine Middle School - 155

8. Cramer Junior High - 158

9. Standish-Sterling - 214

10. Sandusky Middle - 216

11. Carrollton Middle School - 237

11. Caseville Middle School - 237

13. CPS Middle School - 270

14. Rittmueller Middle School - 279

15. Christa McAuliffe Middle School - 296

16. Bad Axe - DNP

Event medals for Augres-Sims

1st Place:

Amphibians and Reptiles: Lyndsay Morrison, Cora Pauly

Bio Process Lab: Ashli Maser, Cora Pauly

Disease Detective: Ashli Maser, Curtis Rozich-Gingerich

Dynamic Planet: Ashli Maser, Tomas Smith

Ecology: Kevin Schutte, Brett Maser

Elevated Bridge: Jeremiah Schlagel, Bret Hiveley

2nd Place:

Crave the Wave: Kevin Schutte, Grant Schutte

Reach for the Stars: Grant Schutte, Kevin Schutte

3rd Place:

Fossils: Grant Schutte, Cheyanne Tremble

Crime Busters: Lyndsay Morrison, Cora Pauly

Wright Stuff: Jeremiah Schlagel, Ryan Caulfield

4th Place:

Environmental Chemistry: Grant Schutte, Jeremiah Schlagel

Trajectory: Jeremiah Schlagel, Bret Hiveley

5th Place:

Meteorology: Ashli Maser, Brett Maser

Physical Science Lab: Tomas Smith, Tyler Walton

Robo-Cross: Curtis Rozich-Gingerich, Ryan Caulfield

Write it/Do it: Stephanie Graves, Derek Weiss

6th Place:

Experimental Design: Lyndsay Morrison, Kevin Schutte, and Brett Maser

Road Scholar: Grant Schutte, Curtis Rozich-Gingerich

Science Olympiad Medal Earners – Arenac Eastern – 2009

Pentathlon - 3rd Place - Morgan Heideman, Maddie Forshee, Taylor Jurek and Kaylee Wilson

Road Scholar - 4th Place - Amanda Webster and Alexis Ruhl

Trajectory - 6th Place - Tyler Card and Austin Dewald

Anatomy - 1st Place - Maddie Forshee and Alexis Ruhl

Compute This - 5th Place - Kelsey Lockwood and Austin Dewald

Elevated Bridge - 5th Place - Sam Phelan and Tyler Card

Reach for the Stars - 3rd Place - Kiera Wilson and Kaylee Wilson

Science Crime Busters - 5th Place - Wyatt Nelson and Morgan King

Bio Process Lab - 3rd Place - Alexis Ruhl and Kiera Wilson

Robo-Cross - 1st Place - Sam Phelan and Tyler Card

Amphibians and Reptiles - 3rd Place - Morgan King and Dalton Bates

Experimental Design - 5th Place - Sam Phelan and Kiera Wilson

Fossils - 6th Place - Alexis Ruhl and Austin Dewald

Crave the Wave - 4th Place - Taylor Jurek and Kaylee Wilson

Physical Science Lab - 1st Place - Wyatt Nelson and Tyler Card

Wright Stuff - 1st Place - Austin Dewald and Sam Phelan


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